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Ínyan Iyé
(Telling Rock)

by Suzanne Kite  (Oglála Lakȟóta) & Devin Ronneberg (Native Hawaiian descent)
Ínyan Iyé (Telling Rock) interrogates the relationships between human and non-human entities and intelligences. Through Oglála Lakȟóta ontologies, even materials such as metals, rocks, and minerals can be capable of volition. By considering the 'hearing' and 'listening' capabilities of nonhuman entities, a method of engagement reliant upon mutual respect and responsibility becomes possible. As Ínyan Iyé (Telling Rock) speaks, listeners may respond to it by bending and moving its braids, affecting the sounds.

This research-creation project is funded by an Insight Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Canada) awarded to “Sensory Entanglements: New Cross Cultural and Cross-Creation and Evaluation of Multi-Sensorial Experience” (2014-2021).

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