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Pause II

by r e a 
(Gamilaraay / Wailwan / Biripi)

Pause II is an experimental video work that explores the embodied experience of returning to country (Gamilaraay) and the haunting sensorial effects that linger from the colonial past. Originally planned as an immersive multi-sensorial environment to be projected across multiple layered screens, it works with the principle of shape shifting and transformation across culture, gender and form.  The use of video, immersive sound and haptics is intended to provoke a series of powerful emotional states in the viewer, evoking a range of feelings, from feeling lost in the cosmos to the extreme violence done to black bodies in the colonial past.

This research-creation project is funded by an Insight Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Canada) awarded to “Sensory Entanglements: New Cross Cultural and Cross-Creation and Evaluation of Multi-Sensorial Experience” (2014-2021).

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